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Official website:

Agent Information: – online travel service, which makes it easy and safe to order cheap flights. There is also a search for hotels and transfers that are provided by other systems. Website  It is represented in several countries, including Russia and Ukraine, while having its own support services.

The agency also has mobile applications for Android and IOS, the link to which is directly on the site. The site itself looks a bit empty. The search results, too, without much dofiner of hardships, everything is just clear and standard. Payment for tickets is made by Visa and MasterCard.

Contact information:

  • 8-800 333 1 444 For Russia;
  • 044 590 51 00 for Ukraine;
  • 040/87 96 99 88 for Germany;
  • 444 000 3 for Great Britain;

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Hello! I bought from this agency an airbase Moscow-Doha-Phuket-Doha-Moscow! everything went Excellent and payment and sent a reservation of tickets from Qatar airlines! just in case I called the airline tickets confirmed! and those who write nonsense about an air ticket are themselves to blame! read the rules at the agency! and stop whining boobies!
and those who whine, look carefully at the rates, they can be non-refundable and promo!
hello whiners!

Is the review helpful?

This is not the first time I have been buying tickets through this site. Very satisfied. Send tickets to email. Mail a few seconds after payment. There have never been any problems.

Is the review helpful?

Disgusting company, louts are working, drop pipes. They couldn’t get through all night to change tickets. They called for several hours in a row. Wrote Messages to the mail. They answered only in the morning when the ticket burned out, and said that they work 24/7, that we have something with a connection !!! And that they can’t do anything already. When you explain that we called all night they say that then we would get through and drop the handsets. They say that they don’t contact him about the request to talk with the head and again they drop the phone. I believe such companies should not exist on the market! Just outrageous

Is the review helpful?

It’s far to departure, while everything is smooth. Took tickets from Vladivostok to Kathmandu. The reservation number came right away, but on the airline’s website, for a couple of hours, the tickets didn’t track ... Later they appeared in the base of ac.

Is the review helpful?

Today, 08/29/2018 I booked and paid for tickets on your website (the sky scanner sent me to your website), after booking I have on my map -80,266.46 rubles and zero tickets. I demand to return the amount described and I will be forced to contact all the controlling authorities to understand this outrage !!!