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Agent Information: – russian service for booking cheap airline tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms and car rental. In the market since 2006 and during this time it has become one of the most popular travel agencies.

Advantages includes a large list of payment methods, which includes popular payment systems and a 24-hour support service. The site interface is simple and not overloaded with additional information. The service provides webmasters and travel companies with their form for booking airline tickets, which can be easily installed on almost any website.

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Head office in Moscow:

  • 125167, Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 37, building 12, the building of SIC ASK, 5-й floor;
  • +7 (495) 797-4-797;
  • 8-800-50-50-797;
  • 117261, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, d. 72/2;
  • +7 (495) 797-20-95 Flights;
  • +7 (495) 797-20-96 Tours, hotels.

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A disgusting office canceled an order for an airline ticket 245214794 money more than 7000 do not return I will have to contact the OBEP, apparently Scammers, some Tatyana Chistova answered the mail that the money didn’t reach them although there is a qiwi wallet check, I really don’t advise you to contact

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Faced with this company, I am very in a bad review about it. I bought a ticket. The cashier mixed up the date. I didn’t pay it. I made a refund. Money goes to the card for a very long time. I ordered another return ticket. Everything is written in English. I checked it. I’m coming home again, the number is wrong. The next day I went to the Paveletsky railway station to change tickets. Here, then nobody was changing tickets and nobody was returning money. Since they don’t have an agreement with Air company. Money can only be returned in case of death. How is it necessary to die? And then who will receive my money? This is where it is written down? Who is responsible? Cashiers said that they have no boss. In short, a mess in full

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Natalya T. You are just smart! Thank you very much! Excellent employees, they did everything right, supported and designed!

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ATTENTION Scammers !!!
I purchased on this site 2 plane tickets, worth 16000r. It so happened that I could not fly and issued a refund 2 MONTHS before departure. In total of 16000 p. returned 2000 p. Communication did not lead to anything, it is impossible to agree with scammers. To the court and to the prosecutor’s office on them. I strongly advise you not to order tickets at this agency.
I also heard many cases of simple theft of money from customer cards, justifying the difference in course.

Is the review helpful?

пI liked the purchase. Natalia did everything promptly with understanding, benevolently. Thanks her.