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Agent Information: – domestic company providing the ability to book charter airline tickets online. The main advantage of charter flights is their low cost. Do not forget about the shortcomings – delays and cancellations of flights are possible.

The service is quite technological and has a pretty nice interface. By cons include the scarcity of methods of payment for reservation.

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  • 115280, Moscow, 3rd Avtozavodsky passage, 4, of. 9;
  • +7 (499) 638-89-01;

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Every year in November I fly to Goa as a savage. I was looking for the cheapest tickets, I found airbooking through Mondo, bought, paid, flew, everything was smooth. Time was running out to read what kind of office. If someone is not familiar with him, I advise you to use it.

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In July I have a birthday, I always dreamed of spending it at sea. I did not buy a ticket in advance, everything that I watched was very expensive (since there was always a high season at this time), and I could not afford such prices. And on my birthday I decided to look at the prices for luck, I came across burning tickets to Bulgaria at, the price was fabulous! 7652 rubles for a round-trip ticket! Departure on Friday morning, arrival on Monday. She invited 2 friends with me to the sea, for this price they also agreed. I booked it on the site, paid with a card, I had no time to come to the office. of cons: Flight delayed for 2 hours. They didn’t feed on the plane, it turns out that it was necessary to order in advance for money, through the airline’s website. But these circumstances didn’t bother me much, I had a good breakfast, the flight was early.
If you weigh the pros and cons, for such a price I was fine with everything. Thank you airbooking for cheap tickets and a birthday at sea!

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In connection with the vacation in June, it became necessary to purchase the maximum cheap flights to Bulgaria and vice versa. I found out that S7 flies there with regular flights. Regular flights turned out to be very expensive for me, I decided to see if charters fly there. I came across an airbooking company that sells charters for Bulgarian Airlines, the price made me 16803 rubles for a round-trip ticket, it was the cheapest price on the Internet. I bought tickets in February. I booked it on the site, arrived, paid at the office, for me it was simple and convenient. Then I managed to read Reviews about this company, the joy of buying cheap tickets vanished. They send tickets a day before departure, I already said goodbye to money and leave according to plan. From February to June, I was in the corners. But for the day tickets came as promised, but I was waiting for the catch at the airport. But everything turned out well! To and fro, I flew away and flew in without problems! Thanks to the company, I will buy tickets again.

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Scammers !!!! I bought tickets through the search engine Momondo, a family in Goa. Three days before the departure, a letter arrived saying that you need to pay 10.000 rubles. for a ticket or you don’t fly anywhere. All conversations and correspondence did not lead to anything, only she spent her nerves. They are not suitable for the phone.
I bought tickets at another agency, having already read Reviews.
We will go to court. Awful office.
CIRCUIT THE PARTY if you do not want yourself problems.

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Scammers !!! Rogues !! Do you write “decent” Reviews for yourself? People don't buy it !! No money, no rest!