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Official website:

Agent Information: – foreign travel company, represented in Russia by a separate adapted service for booking airline tickets, travel packages and hotels.

Advantages of the system include the ability to book a difficult route and a low price guarantee. The choice of payment methods is limited to bank cards. There are some problems with the Russian version of the site when searching for hotels– not all cities are recognized.

Contact information:

  • +7 (499) 918-42-18;

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Finished creatures !!! 2 years do not return money for tickets, wrote a complaint and threatened to go to court, the nits just asked when we turned to put them in the news AFT431372

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Zadolbali, only one promise that they will understand and return the money within two weeks, but silence and money do not return. Someone returned money from this company, tell me, please. AFT58767, Soon it will be a year already, as I call the company. Return the money.

Is the review helpful?

Critters !!!! They don’t return the money for six months, there are no Russian-speaking operators, they stopped answering letters, filthy filth!!

Is the review helpful?

A very good company has repeatedly flown Vladivostok - Moscow-Krasnodar and back no problems.

Is the review helpful?

Scammers! I can’t return the money for more than four months. Only unsubscribe. I caught a Russian-speaking operator in four months only a couple of times (money was deducted from the card, confirmation of the reservation did not come, I called the airline there they said they had a reservation, but they themselves refused)