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Agent Information: – of a well-known travel agency providing services for booking air tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals all over the world. The company itself is English, but has a representative office in Russia, is accredited by IATA. The purpose of the service is to simplify the process of planning a trip, while saving money.

The system offers booking tickets for a complex route, has a fairly informative search results and a good filtering system. At the same time, the cost of the service may be somewhat lower than that of Russian services.

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Sucks money removed the ticket was not given

Feedback is helpful?

They are scammers!!!! Yesterday, when paying for tickets, money was withdrawn from the Card twice !!!! There are no tickets!!!!!!

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For a very long time they returned money for tickets for a flight that was canceled by the airline. They also kept part of the dene.

Is the review helpful?

ПI've been paying for tickets online for a long time! Your customer service is very disappointing! There is no opportunity to leave, so there is no road! She is recovering from a natural disaster! I contacted the air carrier, they agree to change it if I took it from them. And you just set such exchange conditions that if I buy new tickets, then I will also have money left from the amount that you propose to pay! Terrible attitude towards CUSTOMERS!!!