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Agent Information: – ticket search engine, created on the basis of the metasearch engine, has almost identical functionality. The site allows you to find cheap flights for all airlines and connected agencies. The service is not directly involved in the sale, but redirects the visitor to the agent’s website, where the order is finalized.

Additionally, you can book a hotel room, rent a car or order a train ticket on the official website of These services are also provided by trusted third-party providers.

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Good afternoon!

We are very sorry that you came across scammers.
These phones and addresses are not related to the site
Our site operates at the same address and only searches for airline tickets. To purchase them, a transition to the airline’s website or booking system takes place and payment is made on their side. No airline or reservation system requires the transfer of money from card to card. Always check the payee, this should not be a focal person. Aviation does not ask and does not accept payment directly in any form!

Check the authenticity of airline ticket websites at http: //NovastoyeBilet.rf - a joint site of Aviasales and the leading international company for the prevention and investigation of cybercrime and fraud using high technology Group-IB. Over 400 fraudulent sites already blocked.

The site operates in an automatic mode and carries out a search function on all booking systems and airlines. The function of buying tickets and user support is carried out by the airlines themselves and booking systems. The site does not provide user support on issues related to the purchase of tickets.
For technical issues related to the activities of the site, please write to

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On August 27, 2018 at 22.48.25 I bought a ticket (Krasnodar, Pashkovsky - Moscow, Domodedovo - St. Petersburg, Pulkovo) under the number 1388993220924 from the website The ticket costs 10,237 rubles (flight S7 1150 on 08/31/2018, departure at 21.55 hours). VTB Bank statement contains a note about the withdrawal of money from my card from 08/27/2018 at 22.50.01 hours. The amount is 10,339.37 rubles, i.e. 10237 rubles + 102 rubles 37 kopecks for the translation.
August 31, 2018, at the airport of Krasnodar, Pashkovsky, where I arrived to fly to St. Petersburg, I was not on the passenger list. I had to buy another ticket in the same direction (flight A4 303 09/01/2018, departure at 07.45 hours). But I had to buy a ticket for a large sum equal to 15,465 rubles.

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The day is not good.
Be careful FRAUDERS
We purchased tickets from you, but could not fly away at registration, it turned out that
we are not on the passenger lists. The provided itinerary receipt did not help in any way. The phone number indicated +7 (800) 400-12-23 does not exist. company address llc internet ticket Moscow Antipova St. 15 office 311 in Moscow no. Who will be responsible for spoiled vacation.

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Good evening.
I got a ticket from you, but could not fly, because I didn’t appear on the passenger lists. The provided itinerary receipt didn’t help in any way. My attempts to reach the phone number indicated on the ticket turned out to be in vain.

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Great site. Reliable and oldest in runet.