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Booking Flights ( – a site that allows you to book plane tickets in any direction. The search engine is powered by the popular metasearch engine Aviasales, providing all the existing functionality. Visitors to plan travel can use one of the available tools: Low Price Calendar, directions map or search form.

The calendar shows the cheapest tickets for a specific direction by month for a year. This is a very useful tool, especially if you are not very attached to dates. The price map shows the directions in which profitable offers are now available. If you have not decided where to fly and have a limited budget, then the map will help determine the direction.

You can also sign up for offers on the Bucking Flights website and always be up to date with promotions and special offers from airlines. A flexible and functional system of filters and sorting of search results deserves special attention.


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The coolest thing is the calendar. True, sometimes the final price is sometimes higher than stated on the calendar, but not significantly. I don’t understand the meaning of the card. Plus adequate Agents connected.