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Official website:

Agent Information: – search system cheap flights number 1 in the CIS. This is the most «advanced» russian metasearch engine, and the first that appeared on our market. Developers are constantly improving their service, making it more convenient, more functional and faster.

The system allows you to search for airline tickets among 750 airlines, 35 agencies and 5 systems. It has a powerful results filtering system, allowing you to choose the best solutions for the user. In addition to searching for tickets, the company has its own service for searching and booking hotel rooms.

Air Sales has gained great popularity due not only to its functionality, but also to competent marketing. The system provides webmasters and travel sites with search forms ready for quick implementation.

Contact information:

  • St. Petersburg, st. Savushkina, d. 126 letter A;
  • +7 (812) 309 05 08;
  • advertising department;

Pros and cons of the agency

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Large selection of agencies and airlines;
  • Price Calendar;
  • Convenient filtering and sorting of results;
  • Additional information about baggage;
  • The presence of mobile applications.
  • There are not some large agencies;

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Is the review helpful?

Thanks to the guys for creating such a cool service. Very handy for travel planning.

Is the review helpful?

Tell me how to buy tickets for a dance group on your website (13 children, 9 adults), and the departure time does not coincide with the schedule of some flights

Is the review helpful?

Good evening! I bought a ticket for an employee, but I was mistaken with a middle name, tell me, is this critical, if so, how can I change the data in an electronic ticket?

Is the review helpful?

Helps out quite often, saves a lot of time when searching for tickets. The calendar is sometimes upsetting - it seems to show the lowest cost, you go by date, and there is a message like of sorry, but the price has already changed, and always upwards.

Is the review helpful?

>>There are already much more interesting and more technologically advanced search engines.

Can I have examples? And then, as the last sucker, I have been using Aviasal for many years now ))