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Agent Information: – Far Eastern Aviation Agency – one of the oldest airlines in Russia, which organizes travel, selling air tickets, train tickets, hotels, arranging travel and travel insurance, organizing bus trips and tours. From the beginning to the end of the journey, the company provides various types of support to its customers.

The site contains information about airline promotions, hot tours and many other useful reference information. Payment for the reservation can be made using a bank card or payment services Svyaznoy and Euroset.

Contact information:

  • Khabarovsk, Amur Boulevard, 5;
  • +7 (495) 665-53-13 – for calls from Moscow;
  • +7 (4212) 30-01-00 – for calls of Khabarovsk;
  • Skype:biletdv;


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Julia, pay attention to what you yourself say - "chose a tariff." You have chosen an air fare. For him, you did not take any surcharges. But the very work of exchanging a ticket must be paid. For this, they took money from you - for work. Any work must be paid. Until the communism comes to the Earth.

Is the review helpful?

The worst ticket operator I know. I bought a ticket, I specially chose a tariff with the possibility of a free return or exchange. During the purchase process, I specifically searched for footnotes for additional services or exceptions to the general rule (I recall that the tariff was chosen with the possibility of a free exchange). I could not find any indications of additional commissions. Imagine my surprise when, upon request for a ticket exchange, they sent me a receipt for an additional payment of services for 1000 rubles. At my request to comment on this situation, the operator said that "all agencies charge money for exchanging tickets." And to the question "why not a word was said about this when buying a ticket," I never received an intelligible answer, I only got a slurred moo about what they had ... Conclusion: the site brazenly violates article 494 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which speaks of a public offer . Gentlemen, complain to Rospotrebnadzor, let them be closed at last!

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when buying a ticket, made a typo in the surname. I called the operator who informed me that they wouldn’t let me on a plane with such a ticket, that now I need to fix everything by paying 5,000 thousand rubles, plus some kind of fees of 380 rubles. in a panic, I paid for all this and right within a second I received an electronic ticket already fixed. When registering, I asked a question, they explained to me that I could correct the error when registering for 500 rubles. I will never use your services again and I will tell others that you are deceivers.

Is the review helpful?

Denis, why didn’t you finish your Claim? The above company must refund the ticket price plus moral damages! The Claim must contain all the names of the technical support managers, etc., as well as the management of the company with whom you had to interact; and also, fixing the date and time when working with employees of this company should be displayed in your Claim! Finish what you started, do not leave. Then, perhaps, there will be a positive result and the adoption of appropriate measures for this company and employees! We must learn to work civilly! Good luck

Is the review helpful?

02.05.2018г. I bought tickets through the site on the route Yekaterinburg-Saratov (via Moscow), subsequently the Saratov Airlines (05/30/2018), which was supposed to carry out air transportation, closed due to the revocation of the license for the activity. 05/30/2018 I wrote a claim in the form of a refund, due to the inability to provide me with the services I paid for. This claim was accepted for processing and left after 10 days without consideration, which is a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Moreover, when talking with the technical support of the site on this issue, consultants send to hell ... we have nothing to do with it, ask the air carrier of the city of Saratov. People, never buy tickets through this site, as in which case, meet the indifference of the staff of this site. I bought a lot of tickets, and I have never seen such indifference. I have everything, sorry if emotionally written, but true.