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Agent Information: – domestic airline search service. This is one of the few cases where the name is true. The agency allows you to find low-cost tickets due to the fact that a large number of charter flights are presented here. Despite the significant drawbacks of charters, they are popular because of the price. In addition, the company offers the service of booking hotels from

Advantages also include a wide selection of payment methods: bank cards, cash on the Euroset or Svyaznoy, as well as WebMoney and Yandex money electronic money. The official website of Biletideshevo does not pretend to be the most convenient and modern – this is perhaps one of the main disadvantages. But it is compensated by the possibility of relatively inexpensive travel to popular tourist destinations.

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Is the review helpful?

He returned the money through his bank, wrote a statement of claim about the non-receipt of the goods / services when debiting funds.

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In September, the flight to Prague was canceled. In November, after contacting the bank for a refund, money was returned to the card three weeks later.

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I bought tickets to Burgas at the beginning of September. Three days before departure, they sent a letter saying that we can’t write it out, we will refund the money in a month. Ashen is red - not returned. I went to the bank, from whose card I was paying, attached everything that was (as Sergey indicated below - the "chargeback" procedure) - today, a month and a half after the appeal they returned it. For those who are not in the know - on the website of 05.09.2018 there is an article "How to return money for a product and service?" with step by step instructions. And earlier on I bought tickets and everything was Fine...

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What is the positive feedback ??? Are you out of your mind, Antonina ????? This is a Scammers office. What nonsense. Do not mislead people!!!