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Agent Information: (Билетыплюс.ру) – one of the Russian ticket search engines. It searches not only for air tickets, but also for hotels, apartments, train and bus tickets, here you can book a car, issue a vofu or travel insurance.

The search engine differs from many other analogues by the presence of a live round-the-clock support service. So far, few ticket agencies are connected to the system, but their number is periodically growing. The site has a pretty good system for sorting and filtering results, but the doofine needs to be worked out. The service allows webmasters to earn money on their affiliate program.

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The answering machine works all day, no one even wants to call back, it feels like I buy tickets for free.

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I need a ticket for a direct flight Moscow-Dortmund from 14 to 20 September 2018 Code - 566218

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Monday Delhi

Is the review helpful?

I bought tickets from them once - it seems like a good service. The most interesting thing is that, as I understand it, this is the third supplier, roughly speaking. That is, I was looking for tickets, found options and several air services through which you can buy them. I was redirected to, where I ordered tickets directly (although this is also not an airline, but a ticket search site, that is, a "second supplier" if the airline is considered the first service provider). The doubletrip didn’t have the cheapest price, but, as is known, “cheap is never good,” so I took their ticket - after all, good service and guarantees cost money and I don’t mind 10 euros for that.
I really liked Tickets Plus, which almost immediately shows the best price, while the search is still in progress - no need to wait (well, I’m unlikely to be interested in the most expensive tickets). Another, in my opinion, a big plus is the ability to order directly on the airline's website, where it redirects from - at the same time, you can immediately compare the price of air services and the company itself.

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Great company