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City.Travel (Сити.Тревел) – российский сервис, предоставляющий услуги по органofации самостоятельных путешествий. Сюда входит заказ билетов на самолет, ж/д билетов, бронирование отелей, а также бронирование готовых туристических пакетов.

Компания предоставляет круглосуточную поддержку своим клиентам и в любой момент готова оказать информационную помощь. На сайте представлен довольно широкий ассортимент способов оплаты: от электронных денег до банковских карточек. Интерфейс не соAllм стандартный, но каких либо неудобств не вызывает, результаты поиска можно фильтровать по многим параметрам.

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  • 190000, г. St. Petersburg, Наб.р.Мойки д.70;
  • 8 800 555-60-40 регионы;
  • (495) 640 60 40 Moscow;
  • (812) 640 60 40 St. Petersburg;


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Convenient, simple and understandable Internet site in city travel, issued three tickets Moscow-Istanbul. On the site I chose where the flight is needed and on what date, after which it gives the result of what sort of flights are. I chose and paid, and the tickets in electronic form came to the indicated mail. I printed them out at home and upon boarding we presented boarding passes and passports, everything is accessible and without problems. The service was done thoughtfully, and most importantly, everything is clear and scheduled.

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I bought tickets for 12/30. from St. Petersburg to Larnaca via Moscow. As a result, the flight from St. Petersburg was postponed, it was late for the Moscow-Larnaca flight. Turned to City Travel for a refund. There is still no answer! And they also have the audacity to send "tempting offers" to email! See you in court, City Travel.

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I used the search for airline tickets using a service called City Travel, and really enjoyed it. Before that I used different aggregators, but here it seemed to me easier and faster than anything. A clear choice, a variety of search conditions. I was looking for cheap tickets to Moscow - we plan to fly the whole family in March this year. I got the total amount a little less than 12,500 for three round trip. In my opinion, more than a decent option. On the train, it seems to me that it will be more expensive, but if not more expensive, then we will save a lot of time. When ordering tickets, there is nothing superfluous - I selected a flight, filled in passenger information, paid in any popular way (I personally paid with Yandex money) and received a route-receipt, which contains all the necessary information on the tickets purchased. I also liked that they provide different insurance options, and if you do not need it, you can immediately refuse without imposing any other fuss. Also included in the price alert SMS - 200 r, but you will be the first to know everything about your flight. In general, the service seemed friendly and helpful to me. Closer to summer, I’ll try using it to find flights abroad and book a hotel, and perhaps I will supplement this abroad and book a hotel, and perhaps supplement this review.

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I often travel to competitions, I take students from a sports school. Since we do not live in the most developed city, sometimes in order to get somewhere, it is necessary to change two, or even three modes of transport. This is especially true for trains and planes. Last month we flew to the competition, I thought that the daily allowance would be enough for the entire period of the competition and even stay a little. As a result, the money came back to back. I calculated the day when the coins for food run out and began to look for a service for booking and buying plane tickets. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have time to buy personally, but you understand you won’t leave the hall. In general, I found a city travel site. The interface is a bit complicated, and maybe it's a little rusty. In general, I had to sweat to find the right flight. But then everything went like clockwork. I chose a flight, filled out additional data for each passenger. I did not take out insurance and refused to receive notifications, although it was possible to connect all additional options for six hundred rubles. I paid with a credit card, but I liked the fact that the site accepts money from electronic wallets. Like Yandex money or Qiwi. In general, on the appointed day, everyone left, exactly on schedule. There were no problems with registration. At the moment, in addition to difficulties with the search for problems, there is a site I recommend.

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СитиТревел - сайт мошенников! Забронировал билеты в Испанию, на сайте было указано, что бронь на сутки! Через час после брони решил оплатить, но «проofошла ошибка». В итоге мои билеты были уже проданы! Когда позвонили им спросить что за хрень, ответили, мол, просто у нас нет брони и мы продали ваши билеты. Обходите этот сайт стороной, а сотрудникам этой помойки желаю Allго самого ужасного!