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Agent Information: (Джетрадар) – English version of the most famous Russian ticket search, which allows you to search for air tickets by ticket agencies. Jetradar is localized for many countries and translated into different languages. The search results include both local and global players in the tourism market.

We should also mention the Thai version of the website, which is not a metasearch engine, but an agency. In this case, the service offers inexpensive tickets not only for conventional airlines, but also for Asian low-cost airlines.

The Jetradar website looks different from the Russian-language version and is more tailored for a Western audience with its own characteristics. But this in no way affects the functionality. The service also has mobile applications for various mobile platforms.

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I can't find how to refund a ticket, reservation code UAGJSQ

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Look at the mail, or give more information about the reservation.

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I paid for the air tickets I want to know where they are