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Agent Information: (Киви.ком) – popular Czech travel service for finding cheap flights from low-cost airlines, until recently known under the brand name The uniqueness of the agency lies in the fact that most of the low-cost airlines are present in its issuance, which other similar services do not have.

Outwardly Kiwi has little ofchanged – All the same clear, convenient and intuitive interface. Usability is at its best, and the visual The calendar with the schedule of changes in the cost of air tickets allows you to most optimally compose an inexpensive route. On the right side of the map, various transfer options are displayed.

Together with the ticket on the official website, in one click, you will be offered travel insurance that covers the costs of medical care, flight cancellation and lost luggage. The order is paid only by bank cards.

Contact information:

  • Kvetna 178/34, 603 00 Brno – Pisarky, Czech Republic;
  • +44 20 3808 5910;
  • +420 775 772 248;
  • +420 725 556 931;
  • +7 (499) 348 26 49 – For Russia;
  • +7 (499) 348 80 53 – ticket refund;
  • – ticket refund;
  • – on media issues;
  • – security questions.


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Lord, it's just heartlessness (! Today I booked a ticket from Volgograd to Yuzhno Sakhalinsk. I paid with a card, the money was withdrawn and there was no ticket, only a password of digits came !!! I called Aeroflot to find out, but they told me that there was no person with my data ... People are tearful I ask you to help at least some information about this site. I have an operation for my child on Sakhalin. And now I can not fly out. And there is no money for a ticket and there is no time to wait either. Lord, what kind of people are they not a drop of humanity. then of for this money life can decide. 38453

Is the review helpful?

It's just no words !! help! Booked a ticket today. The money was withdrawn, but I'm not on the flight. What to do???

Is the review helpful?

I ask passengers to help me in providing the legal address of KIWI.COM for filing an application with the court, my email address

Is the review helpful?

26.10.18 booked with you tickets Moscow-Turkey (Gazi Pasha) with a transfer in Istanbul and back. I also printed electronic tickets in Moscow. The ticket clearly states that online check-in is not provided, it is carried out at the airport for FREE! Once in a foreign country, at the transfer point in Istanbul on 11/28/18, I was still forced to pay 25 Euro for registration at the airport. Not only did you not send me the Istanbul-Moscow boarding pass, but you assured me that check-in would be free at the airport. I ask for a refund. With Victory figured out, the fault is entirely on your company.

Is the review helpful?

Good evening!! Please return my money 10010r flight Salekhard Tyumen on 12/20/2018 booked a ticket immediately withdrew money in a few minutes SMS sent that All tickets are sold out. Booking number 24309461. I have no more money to buy a ticket again