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Agent Information:

  • Main services booking airline tickets;
  • Additional services: hotel reservation;
  • Ways of payment: bank cards Visa, Mastercard, cash in salons Euroset and Svyaznoy.
  • Bonus program: has a bonus program, according to which for each order the user receives bonuses that can be used in subsequent orders. The minimum cost of the order – 5000 rubles, the maximum number of points at a time – 2000. 1 bonus is equal to 1 ruble. Bonuses are valid for a year from the moment of accrual..
  • Mobile applications: there are under iOS and Android.

Contact information:

  • Moscow, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 12, “Moscow City“, Tower “Federation West“, 45 floor;
  • +7 (812) 385-58-65 St. Petersburg;
  • +7 (499) 653-63-36 Moscow;
  • 8-800-333-53-66;
  • Skype:;


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Good day! We want to understand the current situation, please send us the order number, see what went wrong and why the price has changed.

Is the review helpful?

Tonight I took tickets St. Petersburg-Moscow for the flight at 20.40. The price was 2450. I entered all the data, noticed that before payment, the total amount did not come out. I thought that I hadn’t written anything extra, the amount should not have changed. As a result, PAYMENT and withdrawal of the amount from card 3349 comes. Until now, I can’t understand why the extra money was withdrawn. I wrote to the support team right away, but there is still no answer !!!! Outrage. I will never use this site again.

Is the review helpful?

Good afternoon! I made a purchase of tickets on KUPIBILET.RU through the mobile application (order No. 4164881641), the direction UU-Moscow-SPb only there, on September 5, 2018. After 2-3 days, it turned out that the departure date was moved forward by a month, I still can’t understand how it turned out, because I need to run a whole calendar to get to the next month (October) ... There is some kind of catch in the system .. ..Not the point ... I found the right ticket and left a request (KUPIBILET.RU) for exchanging a ticket by the same company (Pobeda, UTair) for another date, I received a notification that the application was accepted, wait for an answer, 24 hours are written on the site with everyone by calculations ..... They went the whole day, I decided to dial 385-58-65 by phone, and here the most interesting thing began, 24 hours to wait 48 or more, because they process those who need to fly out almost tomorrow and need to wait in line ... also said the cost of the whole process of replacing the date:
- 5 thousand fine from the airline "Victory";
- About 3 thousand + 2% -4.5% service charge, services to an agent
- About 10 thousand surcharge of the difference between the first ticket and the new From UU to Moscow;
- About 3 thousand new ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg, because UTEYR tickets do not change.
Total is not profitable because a new ticket a month earlier costs 16-18 thousand from UU to St. Petersburg.
I left a request for a MONEY return of 90% of the ticket price, because paid for the service about 1 thousand. as prescribed when ordering tickets. And then interesting information came out by phone that the money is SCORES, it is prescribed if you click on the topic MONEY RETURN SERVICE. Part of the money and the rest of the points falls only if the ticket is bought back and forth, i.e. there the ticket is considered non-refundable, and the return is refundable. You can use the points not 100%, but only not more than 2000 points per order.
In principle, to get points and in the future to pay for the next purchase it suits me, it's better than nothing. It’s just that in this case I don’t have to use points and I have to order tickets without waiting for an answer and recalculation, the cost of tickets is growing every day.

TOTAL such a given agent performs its duties VERY slowly.

Is the review helpful?

TOTAL such a given agent performs its duties VERY slowly.

Is the review helpful?

When ordering, after entering all the information, the site issued an error "something went wrong, try again later. If the error persists, contact support."
I updated the window and repeated the order - this time everything went well, the site issued a final window with thanks for the order.
After 5 minutes, an SMS arrived that the money was debited both times, and two identical tickets for the same flight arrived in the mail.
When contacting the hotline, the operator told me that she did not see the error, and didn’t take my word for it, and when canceling the order, the company took a commission.
So on a crooked site you lose money.
For the first time I used this site, and I do not advise anyone else!