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I bought a ticket through Yandex.Air tickets and on the same day Tinkoff Bank started calling me and offering to take their credit card. The next day, the calls did not stop. I started to figure it out, it turned out that the online payment for the ticket went through their bank. I left my phone number to Yandex, not Tinkov. is similar to the transfer of my personal data to third parties. I do not recommend it.

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rubbish site yandex air tickets. request for 28 APRIL, offers cheaper - I go. Hello !! cheaper, but on MARCH 27 !! And why not next year ?! Fine offer cheaper, but for bloody dates!

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Is the review helpful?

How reliable are the companies that appear in the issuance of Yandex airline tickets? On a flight in Turkey I get on a charter flight and do not know what to do, which company to trust.

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Allм привет!
The service itself is good, it finds interesting prices. But the counterAgents that Yandex works with raise questions (those with the lowest prices).
Yandex is only a common platform. Be careful, check Reviews of the sites to which Yandex leads [when you are going to buy a ticket, Yandex throws it to the seller's website ... it's better not to contact some of them].

Allм good luck and kindness. )

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How the search engine works Fine (not counting the inconvenience of choosing dates), but naturally does not answer for the companies to which it gives links, warming up frankly disabled people under its side (CITY TRAVEL LTD, St. Petersburg, PO Box 576 is their office, which is also a search engine without reservation guarantees after paying them), who sign up for the sale of your chosen ticket through Yandex, and in fact write out the cheapest one that can be found in the same search engine 6 hours before departure. It is clear that you will not receive a ticket that was initially found in Yandex, which means that the question is - what is the essence of the Yandex search engine if it sends the ticket found in it to an office for booking, which in fact does not exist (and is not responsible for anything)? Yandex simply ignores appeals on this issue !! According to the principle "my house is on the edge, I don't know anything"

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