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Agent Information: (Trip may sleep) – a unique and innovative travel service that allows a completely different approach to travel planning. You need to choose how you want to relax (sea, skiing, excursions, exotic) and budget, the service will do the rest for you. Tripmaidrim will select a country, city, resort, hotel and flight to suit your budget and wishes. You only need to select a specific offer from a small list and go on a trip. The service also provides an opportunity to book an air ticket without a hotel.

Tripmydream has been named the world's best travel service for a reason. Excellent is where metasearch for air tickets and the largest hotel service interact. Each proposal is accompanied by a brief illustrated description of the merits of a particular resort. The site has an excellent blog that will help travelers decide on the choice of a vacation destination and tell you about the features of planning an independent trip.

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a lot of noise about nothing .... the site is clumsy and unfinished, there is no feedback, it is looking for incomprehensible tickets, the country of departure does not change ... in fact, just bullshit is not needed

Is the review helpful?

Tell me, has someone used this service already? Is it cheaper than ordering a package tour from a tour operator? Interested in the Balkans.